My Work

The Landrover Defender in a field at night

The Ultimate High Country Tour | Downforce New Zealand

Client: Downforce Auto Events
Genre: Automotive; Explainer Video
Editor: Sean Yew
Colorist: Alex Mitchell

Flaxxies - Snapped Up (By The Boss) (Official Music Video)

Director: Ashley Pitman
DOP: Michael Lahood
Editor, Colorist: Sean Yew

Milwaukee | Heavy Duty for Any Mission

Genre: Brand Video
Director: Ashley Pitman
DOP: Isaac Newcombe
Editor, Colorist: Sean Yew

Singer songwriter Benson Boone singing in a recording studio.

Benson Boone - Before You (Official Live Performance)

Client: Benson Boone/Warner Music NZ
Genre: Performance; Music Video
DOP: James Turnbull
Editor: Sean Yew

Who Am I | World of Warcraft

Genre: Comedy; Spec Commercial
Director: Ashley Pitman
DOP: Isaac Newcombe
Editor, Sound Designer: Sean Yew

A family sitting around an outdoor table celebrating Christmas.

Bunnings NZ Christmas 2022

Client: Bunnings Warehouse NZ
Genre: Retail; TVC
Director: Wicky Tafau
Editor, Colorist: Sean Yew

A Guide to Engagement Rings | Teaser

Client: Partridge Jewellers
Genre: Jewellery, Luxury; Educational Video
DOP: James Watt
Editor: Sean Yew

A deer staring at a purple shooting star.

Asterias | Official Trailer

Genre: Fantasy; Proof-of-concept trailer
Director: Leighton Young
Post-Production Lead: Sean Yew


At university, I fell in love with the craft of editing. I'd knock on doors and offer to shoot and edit, to hone my skills. Ultimately, my graduation capstone production, in which I was editing lead for, won over half a dozen awards in film festivals across the UK, US, Canada, and New Zealand.

Since then, I've been working as a video editor at In Motion Post, a full-service video production company. I've edited commercials, advertisements, and social content for a whole suite of nationwide clients, such as SIXT NZ, Warner Music, and Bunnings Warehouse. My name sits in the credits across 3 seasons of a documentary TV show - Repco Muscle Garage.

My goal is to create the most engaging content for you. To tell your story. A story that will wow, that will inspire, that will evoke emotions from the audience you want.

It's time to fire up Premiere. Let's get into it.

Let's get your story on-screen.